Our vision

A world that talks about mental health comfortably and recognizes, understands and accepts the diversity of people with psychiatric / psychological / developmental disorders.

Our mission

  • Το work every day to create a better future for people with psychiatric / psychological / developmental disorders and their families, offering quality Mental Health and Special Education services.
  • To implement information and awareness actions of the public, with the ultimate goal of eliminating discrimination, so that our beneficiaries enjoy their lives more and more, coexisting in society without exclusions.
  • To train mental health professionals to improve the services they offer to beneficiaries and careers, helping to improve the quality of life for both.


The activities of the Child and Adolescent’s Center also include:

  • A steady presence in the scientific community with presentations and announcements in National and European international conferences.
  • Participation as a founding member in the Greek Scientific Network for Autism Spectrum Disorders.
  • Participation as a founding member and member of the Board of Directors of the National Association of unit owners of 1st degree Mental Health Care for children, teenagers and their families.
  • Participation as a founding member in the Federation of Mental Health, “Argo”.
  • Participation as a founding member in the Network Providers’ Services for the Disabled, “The Network”.
  • Participation in the group Initiative Establishment of Social Association of Limited Liability Mental Health Department in the Chios county since 2000 and of the Association of Limited Liability of Chios since 2004.
  • Participation in the Association of Volunteering Non-governmental Organizations of Greece.
  • Participation as a member in the European Association of Service Providers for People with Disabilities (EASPD).
  • Participation in the national Network of Mobile Units of Public Health.
  • Participation as a member of the network of the British Institute for Mental Disabilities - BILD (British Institute for Learning Disabilities).
  • Participation as a member of the Hellenic Society of Supported Employment (EL.ET.YP.E.).

Publication of three books:

  • Title: “Difficulties in Movement and Speech Development. The repercussions in school life”. Child and Adolescent’s Center, 2008
  • Title: “Emotional Intelligence for preschool children in cooperation with Comenius Regio, 2013.
  • Title:  Children's fairy tale "Milo: A star in our yard" to raise awareness of preschool and primary school children about autism.


  1. Children and Adolescents Department in Chios.
  2. Mobile Mental Health Unit.
  3. Day Center for teenagers with autism in West Attica, “Stin Avli tou Kosmou” (In the Courtyard of the World).
  4. “Helianthos”, specialized, diagnostic and rehabilitation Center for people with Autism Spectrum Disorders at the Peristeri area of Athens.
  5. Adults’ Mental Health Department, in Chios.
  6. Department of Scientific Documentation and Education.

Did you know that....

The Child and Adolescent’s Center has served by the end of 2023, 10539 children, teenagers, adults and at the same time, it guides and supports their families in every possible way.

The Child and Adolescent’s Center is recruited by a 110 member specialized staff (child psychologist, psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, logo-therapist, occupational-therapist, music therapist, special educator, physical education instructor, preschool educator, psychologist-career guide, nurse, health visitor etc), while at the same time it cooperates with a great number of outdoor co-workers.


The Child and Adolescent’s Center is:

  • A specially certified Organization of Provision of Special Care Services (code number 1314AEN11097068\0231, according to the decision of Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity (1453/τ.Β/21-10-05)
  • Member of the network of the British Institute for Learning Disabilities- BILD (British Institute for Learning Disabilities)


The award of the “NPO of the Year (nonprofit organization) in the “Society” category, in the institution of the  Hellenic Responsible Business Awards 2021 has been given to the Child and Adolescent’s Center for the project “Autismap.gr”.

With the Bravo Sustainability Awards 2022 and the "Sustainable Development Ambassador" badge the Child and Adolescent Center was honored in the annual competition organized by the Quality Net Foundation, for autismap.gr: For a more autism-friendly society.

Policy of ensuring the protection of the children

Every employee of the Child and Adolescent’s Center will have to comply with the following rules. These rules will have to be implemented, taking into consideration the protection of the child.

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