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The Adults’ Mental Health Department started working as an independent institution of the Child and Adolescent’s Center in Chios in November 2014.


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The goal of the Adults’ Mental Health Department is to provide specialized services to adults with mental difficulties. Its aim is the prevention, personal development, diagnosis and dealing with the difficulties of the beneficiaries.

The Adults’ Mental Health Department provides diagnosis and therapy for a wide range of mental difficulties: mood disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, psychotic disorders, eating disorders, development disorders (autism, mental retardation etc), behavior disorders, psycho-social difficulties. All therapies are individualized and adapted to the special needs of each person.

The meetings take place:

  • At the institution’s office
  • At home, if necessary
  • Online with the safe use and support of the technological means
  • online με την ασφαλή χρήση και βοήθεια των τεχνολογικών μέσων.



The Adults’ Mental Health Department provides the following services:

Psychiatric Evaluation and Observation (diagnostic evaluation, administration and observation of pharmaceutical treatment, follow-up)

It is a medical action which refers to the evaluation of the symptoms through the expression of thought, perception, emotion and cognition and the diagnosis of potential mental illnesses.

At the same time, a therapeutic recommendation takes place, which includes the intake of pharmaceutical treatment, the observation of its effectiveness, the guidance for the most suitable individualized therapeutic choice, or the support and enhancement of the functional ways of dealing with psycho-pressuring situations which affect the symptoms.

What is group psychotherapy? To what extent does it help its members? Is it worth choosing the group form of psychotherapy, instead of the individual one? Interview with the Psychotherapist of the Department of Adult Mental Health, Sotis Zouka.

Multidisciplinary Group

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The Multidisciplinary Group of the Adults’ Mental Health Department is recruited with the following specialists.

  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychiatrist of different specialties
  • Administrative Assistant

All the therapists of the Department meet the requirements defined by the institutional framework of the country to practice their profession and have all the necessary certified knowledge and expertise to provide their services. The Adults’ Mental ‘Health Department operates in a way which protects medical confidentiality and ensures privacy.


Egkremou str. 30, 82131 Chios


Τ: 22710 20000 (int. 3)


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