Our People

Our driving force is our people. Throughout the years that we work, we cooperate with a specialized group of people of human resources in the fields of mental health-special education and in the social sciences as well. Our working force evolves and is continually being educated.

The founders

Konstantinos Bolias
Konstantinos Bolias comes from Kallimasia, a village in Chios and is a graduate medical student of the University of Athens and a specialized Children Psychiatrist ......
Konstantinos BoliasThe man who inspired it all- founding member
Μαριάννα Τάσση
Marianna Tassi was born and raised in Athens. She is a graduate of the Medical School of the University of Athens, specialized in Child-Psychiatry and with a Postgraduate Diploma in Social Psychiatry. .....
Μαριάννα Τάσσηfounding member, co-inspiring member

The Board

Paraskevi(Vivi) Sidirofagi
Paraskevi (Vivi) Sidirofagi is a graduate of the Physical Education and Sports Department of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens ......
Paraskevi(Vivi) SidirofagiBoard President-Director
Martha Charisi
Martha Harisi is 34 years old and studied at a private school as a Preschool Teacher ......
Martha CharisiBoard member-coworker
Soti Zouka
Soti Zouka was born in Lamia. She is a graduate of Psychology of the CAEN University of Normand in France .....
Soti Zouka Vice-President of the Board, coworker
Nektaria Chatziioannou  - Dimitriou
Nektaria Chatziioannou - Dimitriou is a graduate of the Business Administration Department of the School of Sciences of Administration of the Aegean University......
Nektaria Chatziioannou - DimitriouBoard Secretary- Director of Administrative Services
Konstantinos Boulazeris
Konstantinos Boulazeris is a graduate of the Engineering Economics and Administration Department .....
Konstantinos Boulazeris Treasurer of the Board-Financial Service Director

The Scientific Directors of the Institutions

Eleutheria Binikou
Eleutheria Binikou is a graduate of Psychology of the Nancy 2 University of France.....
Eleutheria Binikou S.D. of the Child and Adolescent’s Department
Zeta Stamatelopoulou
Zeta Stamatelopoulou is a psychologist, graduate of the Panteios University.....
Zeta Stamatelopoulou S.D. of the Adults’ Mental Health Department
Ilianna Filla
Ilianna Filla has been the coordinator and the Scientific Director of the Mobile Mental Health Unit of Chios .....
Ilianna Filla S.D. of the Mobile Mental Health Unit of Chios
Polyxeni Kourasti
Polyxeni Kourasti was born and raised in Piraeus, where she completed secondary education.....
Polyxeni KourastiS.D. of the Day Center for Teenagers with Autism in West Attica, “In the Courtyard of the World”
Nikoletta Mavroeidi
Nikoletta Mavroeidi, GP- epidemiologist has been the Director of the Scientific Documentation and Education Department since its establishment in the early of 2014.....
Nikoletta Mavroeidi S.D. Τ.Ε.Τ.Ε
Katerina Mascha
Katerina Mascha is a graduate of the Psychology Department of the University of Crete, while she continued her postgraduate studies in England...
Katerina Mascha S.D.of Heliantos

Organization chart


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